About Me

My name’s Des.

I’m a songwriter, a singer, and an amateur producer. Everything you hear on deshead.com was recorded in my Toronto home studio, which features a “The Grove” sign, the only remaining piece of that seminal Port Credit nightclub.


I grew up in Ireland, right on the Irish Sea, where my folks raised me on Abba and Paul Simon. But I moved to Canada in the 80’s, and spent the 90’s listening to far too much Lowest of the Low. This all shows in my music.

I’m the guy behind Hometracked. I’m also one sixth of Gert, the sixth that doesn’t include pelvis. This is me and Gert making music:

withgert2.jpg withgert1.jpg

I’m scattered about the Internet too: CD Baby, FAWM, iTunes, Myspace, Amie St., CNet music. And I released an album last year, Waking Up In August. Here I am doing my thing: